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Paediatric Massage Therapy

What does a Certified Paediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT) do?

Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists assess children in relation to providing unique paediatric massage therapy and touch therapy interventions which address a variety of unique sensory and tactile differences. The CPMT may deliver hands-on direct therapeutic services to children, as well as, educate their parents in gentle techniques that may be used in appropriate home settings.  The CPMT may be part of a multidisciplinary team, but may also operate independently.

What is Paediatric Massage and Touch Therapy?

Paediatric massage therapy and Touch therapy are evidence-based tactile interventions specifically designed to cause the manual manipulation of soft tissues as safely adapted for children with various heathcare needs.

These healthcare interventions provide children with sensory differences, a safe and effective approach of paediatric massage therapy to address their tactile and proprioceptive needs.

Each paediatric massage intervention, parental education session and touch therapy intervention is adapted to meet the specific and unique needs for each paediatric client and their family.

Why do people with ASD need Paediatric Massage and Touch Therapy?

People with ASD often display sensory and tactile aversions.  The application of paediatric massage and touch therapy can provide significant benefits to children affected by ASD and sensory differences.

Published research evidence has indicated that paediatric massage therapy provided to children affected by Autism, ASD and sensory differences, may reduce anxiety, while at the same time improve sleep patterns, stereotypical behaviour, child’s conduct, social skills, language skills and when used by parents enhance the emotional bond between parents and their children.

Paediatric massage and Touch Therapy is considered safe, effective and non-invasive. Due to the unique considerations of each child, a CPMT will also address the child and family’s individual needs, and develop a unique treatment plan.

What questions should I ask a Paediatric Massage Therapist?

When looking for a Paediatric Massage Therapist for your child you may want to consider the following information and advice

  • Are they a member of the Liddle Kidz Foundation and are they licensed in accordance with Irish Massage Therapy guidelines?
  • Do they have any autism specific training or any other credentials? This may include, but not be limited to;
    • Touch Therapy for Autism Certification
  • Are Parents allowed to be present during therapy and allowed to participate?
  • Will the therapist train you in the techniques they are using so that you have some tools with which to continue to work with the child at home?
  • How often will the therapy be and what is the duration of the sessions?
  • Is this continuous therapy, or will it be delivered in blocks with big breaks between blocks?
  • If the therapy is delivered in blocks, will you have homework’ to do to span the weeks without therapy sessions?
  • Where is the therapy held?
  • Is the therapy delivered individually or in group sessions?
  • What is the cost?
  • If you hold a Medical Card or a GP Card, can you have a discount?


You may be able to claim some of the cost back though your Private Health Insurance if the therapist providing training is a registered member of an approved organisation.

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