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Five Point Plan

Given the scope of the challenge that ASD presents – and the extent of service deficits we have in Ireland, it is important that Autism Ireland crafts a meaningful vision that allows it to make a difference. Having consulted with members, there is a broad consensus now on the Five Point Plan, which outlines this vision for the next three years. The plan builds on particular strengths within Autism Ireland and recognizes the longer term policy needs that require effective national advocacy. In the short term, we apply our skills to developing the Autism Friendly Programme and the Helpline. The Helpline in turn, embraces both our outreach and advocacy activities. Simultaneously, we will apply all of our collective influence on three major policy initiatives. These are, the establishment of a headline,  annual  autism awareness day in Ireland, the need for a National Autism Strategy, and the identification and development of post 18 services appropriate to need. By doing so, the goal is to improve the outcomes for people with ASD and their families – and at the same time, lower the life cycle costs to the Public Health bill. We fundamentally believe these twin objectives to be compatible and achievable.

Click here to Download (Five Point Vision Plan 2017 – 2020)