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Information about Autism & Aspergers

Welcome to the Irish Autism Action links library. Here you will find an extensive list of links to websites on autism, Asperger syndrome and related issues from around the world.

Please note:

The resources on this website are provided for your help and information only. They are sites maintained by other groups, organisations and individuals and these links are provided in good faith. The presence of a link does not necessarily imply that IAA endorses or supports the originator(s), nor does the absence of a group imply that IAA does not support it.

IAA cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by any inaccuracy or inconsistency in linked sites/pages, nor does it have any jurisdiction over the content of these resources or their accessibility. All sites are checked for autism relevance and information content prior to publication here but given the nature of ease of updating on the web, we cannot be held responsible for the quality of the information provided.

If you have found anything in any of these sites which you believe to be offensive, please contact the Web Editor, quoting the URL of the website and of the page on the IAAI website from which it was linked, and the link to the site will be reviewed. Also if there are links that you have found uselful and would like to be added to the Library please let us know.


    • National Autistic Society UK 
    • Sensory information, Creating a Sensory-Friendly Home for Your Autistic Child
    • Asperger’s Syndrome Foundation
      The website of the Asperger’s Syndrome Foundation, a small London-based charity committed to promoting awareness and understanding of Asperger syndrome, provides access to a wealth of information including service providers, seminars and information sheets.
    • The Autism Acceptance Project
      The Autism Acceptance Project works to promote acceptance of and
      accommodations for autistic people in society. Has blogs, resources
      and more.
    • Supporting Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Coping with Grief and Loss through Death or Divorce Supporting individuals on the autism spectrum coping with grief and loss
    • Autism Today
      An interactive one-stop shop with the latest resources and information
      on autism and Asperger syndrome.
    • BBC autism topic page
      A section about autism with news stories, audio and video reports.
    • Chris Mitchell – Asperger’s syndrome advocacy and support
      A Sunderland-based service Offering UK-wide services from public
      speaking to mentoring, that can be tailored to individual needs to
      raise awareness of Asperger syndrome among the wider community,
      providing support for individuals with the condition together their
      families and carers.
    • Coping: A survival guide for people with Asperger syndrome
      site is a copy of the book, ‘Coping: A Survival Guide for People
      with Asperger Syndrome’ by Marc Segar.
      (Asperger Syndrome Partners & Individual Resources,
      Encouragement & Support)
      The website provides
      useful information for spouses and family members of adults
      diagnosed or suspected to be on the autism spectrum.
    • Autism Awareness Campaign UK
      Ivan and Charika Corea are calling for an end to the postcode lottery to
      access basic education, health, specialist speech therapy and
      respite care for parents, carers and people with autism in the UK.
    • Autism: An Overview
      A thorough survey of the theories and treatment of autism.
    • Autism Resources
      Website offering extensive links, book recommendations and other resources
      on autism and Asperger syndrome.
    • FEAT Online Newsletter
      An email service based on California-related autism and disabilities
      issues. Typical are updates, alerts and events of state-wide
      interest such as legislation and major conferences.
    • Living with autism
      A website created by the mother of a son with autism, which describes
      day-to-day life with a person with autism and how her son is
    • Talk about Autism
      A new autism education site developed by TreeHouse and TalkTalk. It is a place where parents, carers and professionals can learn how to choose, access and deliver the best education for children with
    • Sensory Processing Disorder
      Also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction. This website is an excellent resource for information on SPD.
    • Aspergers Syndrome & me
      The aim of the site is to help, inform and support as many people as possible regarding the condition Asperger Syndrome.

Video links:

Links to websites
with videos about autism spectrum disorder, including those which
reflect people’s personal experiences of living with the condition.

Irish Discussion Groups:

Eumom –, Ireland’s largest pregnancy & parenting
website, provides pregnant women and parents with thousands of relevant
articles about trying to conceive, pregnancy, new babies, parenthood,
nutrition, finance & the joys & challenges of parenting.  With
over 100,000 members, Eumom provides free samples, vouchers &
coupons, fab competitions, special offers and buzzing online discussion

Rollercoaster – has a dedicated Special Needs discussion area

Giftedkids – also has information on all aspects of gifted children, including twice exceptional (2e) children

ABA Ireland Facebook Page.
The aim of this group is to act as a forum for discussion for everyone-
students, tutors, parents- interested in ABA in Ireland. It will allow
us to keep each other informed about interesting conferences, seminars
and workshops as well as relevant news articles, documentaries etc.

ICAAN – A support group of individual members as a representative body for people on the Autistic Spectrum.