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About Irish Autism Action

Irish Autism Action was formed in 2001 to bring positive change into the lives of those affected by autism. The range of services which Irish Autism Action provides include raising awareness, information on education & intervention support, advocacy, counselling, home based support, research information and advice for families. As a charity that currently does not receive any government funding, our annual income is raised through a variety of different fundraising events and projects, our annual income is raised through a variety of different fundraising events and projects.   The charity is therefore very dependent upon the generosity of the general public and without this support, we would not be able to continue to provide this vital support to families throughout Ireland. 1 in 100 people are affected by autism. This staggering statistic provides some idea of the scale of the issue in Ireland today. Irish Autism Action is striving forward in addressing this by lobbying a national campaign for the government to commit to a national strategy on autism.  In 2016, Irish Autism Action managed to secure the support of the government to back the first ever Irish Autism Awareness Day, 8 years on from the first ever World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd 2008 declared and supported by the United Nations. Irish Autism Action are looking to create a more autism aware and friendly society to provide better support and respect for the 276,000 people in Ireland living with autism. Irish Autism Action are delighted to launch our new website in early June which will have more information and a much easier way of finding same.

Irish Autism Action has a solid budgeting process, drawn under multiple scenarios and reviewed by the Board each month. As our income is fund raised, and because this source is volatile, the original budget is replaced with a rolling forecast as the year progresses. In that way, financial decision are made with the benefit of actual figures to date and the most up to date projections for the remainder of the year.   Regarding  fund raising inflows and expenditure, the Board provides a detailed report to members at the AGM each year. Attendees are encouraged to query any detail of income and expenditure, and if unsatisfied with the answers, members can appeal for further information to the Chairman of the Board.

Irish Autism Action

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Welcome to Irish Autism Action’s website.  This website is designed to help parents and professionals to access the information they require from understanding autism, applying for an autism ID card, understanding the assessment and diagnosis process to education options, therapy and interventions.  On this site we have included more information that we had before and we have included the list of specialists who carry out assessments and also other information on therapists supporting social skills & sibshops, dealing with challenging behaviour’s and meltdowns as well as some details on nutrition and medical information.  As a charity that does not receive government funding, Irish Autism Action are so appreciative of the wonderful support we have received over the past few years.  This site clearly sets out details as to how you can support Irish Autism Action by organizing your own autism awareness event, or taking part in one that we are associated with.  There are also simpler ways to donate.  One of our new features is our autism friendly campaign.  Our mission is to create a more autism aware and friendly society which will in turn increase understanding and help the 276,000 people in Ireland living with autism.  We hope you find the information and our website easy to follow and we welcome feedback on ways that we can improve our website.  We are indebted to James Durnin from Durweb Designs for his support in designing this new website for Irish Autism Action.  James has volunteered all of his time to help build this site.